Il Molinello - Agriturismo nelle Crete Senesi


ON HOLIDAY WITH CHILDREN To younger guests Il Molinello offers large green spaces, pool and a playground  with slides, swings, trampoline. we are 5 km far from the Adventure Park Saltalbero in rapolano Terme (

In Terre di Siena, rich in history and nature, it seems that time has stood still: landscapes of rare beauty, like a rich embroidery forged by the skilled hands of patient skill and perfectly preserved villages. INTO NATURE A journey through this land can also become a very sensory journey. Every sense, from seeing to tasting, is highly stimulated. Travelling with children in the Land of Siena invites you to slow down so that you may appreciate and enjoy the many marvellous things this environment offers. A voyage to search out the varieties of nature and its colours as well as the signs which mankind has left on it.

• Landscape Museum -Castelnuovo Berardenga

• Natural History Museum Accademia dei Fisiocritici - Siena

• Into Nature by train: The Nature Train represents an opportunity to travel through the countryside of Siena and observe scenery it would otherwise be impossible to see. This is because the Nature Train passes through areas which are ‘virgin', far from roads and where the eye sees only forests and rivers.

WALKING IN NATURE It's virtually impossible to visit the Land of Siena and not venture into the countryside, into the natural surroundings of its woods and thousand year old hamlets. Walking slowly in a setting that is out of the past but very much in the present and made of suggestive emotions....

• the ring of Murlo mines and the old train line

• Etruscans around Murlo

• The circuit of Monte Oliveto Maggiore Abbey


From the pre-historic grottos of Cetona to the Medieval. Travelling and discovering the traces and signs of man’s memory can turn into an encounter with history and its fascinating mysteries.

• the pre-historic Museum in Cetona

• Parco Naturalistico del Monte Cetona

• Museo della Cattedrale Labirinto etrusco. Catacombe (Chiusi)


Urban Trekking is a sport for everyone! For children, it is an unusual and fun way to discover the city of Siena - via itineraries created especially for them - with fantastic stories of famous people, interactive games included in the itineraries and the chance to learn about the Contradas and their history, where they are and how they are identified by their symbols.


A journey where the sensorial approach is strongly stimulated by encounters with materials and flavours just waiting to be felt, touched, seen, eaten and smelled. The five senses in order to understand and to act. Searching for all those skilled hands which have guaranteed that antique traditions might survive through the ages and which, patiently, still work as they did once upon a time.

• Orgia Forest Museum – Sovicille

• Terracotta Museum - Trequanda

• Mining Museum Park - Abbadia San Salvatore

• Crystal Museum - Colle Val d’Elsa


From the end of Medieval times until the 19 60's the economy of this land stood upon the relationship of the great landowners and the peasants who worked it for them. Century after century and generation after generation. This shaped the very contours of the landscape.

• Sharecroop Museum - Buonconvento

• Spedale Santa Maria della Scala – Siena

• Grange Museum – Serre di Rapolano