Il Molinello - Agriturismo nelle Crete Senesi


Here at Il Molinello your four-legged friends are welcome and do not pay any extra! Three of our apartments share a large fenced-in garden, which can easily host your friends, making your stay a real holiday for your dog!  Our pointer Nerone is also happy to know your friends, dragging them out to play in the fields.

Here we believe that vacation should be special for everyone... both people and animals!

Our love of animals led us, in the past, to breed Labradors and Sandro achieved the status of a first-level trainer.

Services for your four-legged friends include:

• apartments with a private fenced-in garden

• maps of walking routes into the heart of the Crete Senesi

• veterinary care nearby

• local groomers with whom we are affiliated, with special pricing

• possibility (upon request at the time of your reservation) to organize training courses togethere with the Skadog center or Rita Calanna

• restaurants where dogs are welcome

• local dogsitter (not at il Molinello) with special pricing. For further info and prices contact Rita Calanna (tel. 3346081815 - email

Il Molinello and Attivita’ Cinofile SKADOG

For years Il Molinello has been working with the Centro Attività Cinofile SKADOG to organize week-long and weekend activities, meetings, training courses, games and much more.

SKADOG has opened new headquarters near il Molinello (15 minutes) and is available to provide you a funny holiday together with your dog and useful programs to work with and teach your four-legged friends! Lessons are available either at the center in Bettolle or at the Molinello. You may select single lessons on leash, housebreaking, call, management during a trek, socialization with other dogs, activity sports, improvement, etc. or a mini course designed according to the time of your holiday and stay.

View the events organized with Skadog on our website or at where you can find all their courses and activities in their center in Bettolle.