Il Molinello - Agriturismo nelle Crete Senesi


I'm Elisa , I do not really like talking about myself but I have been told it should be done… Already at High School where I studied languages I had to imagine that I would do something in relation to tourism, but I never imagined this ! The rest of the family tells me that I am the "Column Carrier Molinello " but I do not know if they make fun of me or say it to get away from their commitments ... After high school I studied Law at University, because it was a faculty that did not require compulsory attendance and I, at that time, I wanted to do the hostess Alitalia. The competition did not go well (missing the classic " nudge " ) and now also looking at how it goes Alitalia ( and how's Molinello ! ) , I can say I was lucky. In the meantime, my studies were progressing well and I could also work in a cooperative that has allowed me to do a lot of experiences as a guide to the Civic Museum of Siena, in the Culture office in the Siena Municipality, in the Chamber of Commerce for organizing Craft exhibitions , the organization of the European Youth Games in Siena . While working I graduated in 1994 and I immediately started to do internship at a law firm to become a lawyer, I passed the state exam I began to be interested in employment laws. For many years I pursued either the profession and the management of our farm , then at the end I had to give up, not for our children that were increased in number , not for the farm which had increased in size, but because I started a new experience: politics. In fact, I was Alderman of Tourism and Environment in the town of Asciano in the 2004-2009 term with the Green Party and city councilor and Alderman of human resources and Environment in the 2009-2014 term , of course, always to the Green party. What else to say ? My passion , besides politics, and travel ( when we can and often combining them with job opportunities ), is cooking and I can express it in our breakfasts and in the dinners that we occasionally organize .