Il Molinello - Agriturismo nelle Crete Senesi



For most of my life and until about a decade ago, when someone would say “olive oil”, I would think  about the supermarket version of olive oil. It’s no longer the case.


In 1996 we bought “Il Molinello”, our house and farm business, but the olive grove was acquired later and at that point I decided to produce my own oil. I understood immediately that, even though it was an economic activity, the work would require patience and dedication in order to create what I wanted: an excellent product.


In that period I decided to follow a Slow Food course and later took an ONAOO course to become an official oil taster. Thanks to these experiences I could understand and carry out everything I needed to know to create an excellent product:

    •    Harvest the olives before the 15th of October (when the majority of olives are still green) 

    •    Only harvest by hand 

    •    Go to the olive press within 24 hours following the harvest 

    •    Organic farming (of course)


Our oil is fundamentally important to us. We sell it at our agriturismo and we cook our food with the oil- food we share with our guests. This is why I love to talk about it. I think that it’s only when people understand what a real “quality” oil is that they can fully enjoy it. That’s the reason why I put as much care as possible in our oil tasting lessons. 



0,25 Liter can or bottle euro 12

0,5 Liter can or bottle euro 17

1 Liter can or bottle euro 22

2 Liter can or bottle euro 37

5 Liter can or bottle euro 72

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In the attachment below the analysis of our organic extra virgin olive oil 2020