Il Molinello - Agriturismo nelle Crete Senesi



On the 18th of January 2020, 7.00 pm, Il Molinello - together with doctor Elena Ambrosin, nutritionist, and Guido Draghi, cyclist for the continental team Area 0 VVF - will start the “Nutribike project” with an evening dedicated to the importance of what we eat to give our best during our trainings.



7.00 pm – Doctor Elena Ambrosin will talk about nutrition aimed at imporvement of trainings, with reference to Guido Draghi’s practical experience.

8.00 pm – Dinner, while doctor Ambrosin talks about the nutritional properties of the different recipes.


On the 19/1/2020 – bike ride through Crete Senesi with Guido Draghi


9.00 am – meet up at Il Molinello, breakfast

10.00 am – ride starts

Upon return, buffet lunch.



Dinner only (on 18/1/20) euro 25,00



Dinner (on the 18/1/20) + ride and lunch (on the 19/1/20) euro 30,00


One night stay at Il Molinello + dinner + ride and lunch euro 70,00

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