Il Molinello - Agriturismo nelle Crete Senesi


Hello, I'm Emma, I am thirteen years old and I attend the secondary school. I love listening to music and writing stories. I often listen to Tokio Hotel, but I also love bands like Nightwish and Evanescence and singers like Avril Lavigne and Jovanotti. I only write Dark Fantasy, then, in the future, we will see! I love reading, and this passion helps me writing, as while reading I immagine all the situations described in the books and many others. Also my aunt Anna, a writer, influenced me a lot. My favourite subjects at school are italian and history, as studying them I can read and write and study the great writers’ masterpieces. I don’t’ like Maths. At the moment I love to sit on the swing and listen to my own music, reading and writing! But I am always curious to know new people! Il Molinello is the place where I live, and I can not imagine to live anywhere else. I say this not for publicity, but because it is the truth. I really enjoy meeting the guests’ children of guests and with of them (thank to email and Facebook) we are still good friends! That said, I end up, hoping not to have bored you. Ciao, Ciao