Il Molinello - Agriturismo nelle Crete Senesi


"Il Molinello" is built on a big travertine base, already used in Etruscan era for the building of tombs. A very beautiful example of Etruscan Grave may be admired just near the farm. This travertine has been formed near the outlet of a thermal spring, which in ancient times (since the beginning of the XIV cent.) has been canalised into the inside of the house and exploited to set in action a little horizontal wheel Mill (Molino), whose ruins have been renovated. We will be glad to let you visit them. We have reconstructed the history of our farm thanks to the documents of the ancient "Spedale Santa Maria della Scala" in Siena, owner, among others, of "Grancia delle Serre", of which "Il Molinello" was one of the farms.