Il Molinello - Agriturismo nelle Crete Senesi



The Sienese countryside is an endless repository of tastes, a veritable mine of goodness from which priceless gems of flavor are extracted using age-old agricultural traditions merged with modern techniques and respect for nature.  The Siena province is home to five DOCG* wines (Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, Chianti Classico, Vernaccia di San Gimignano and Chianti Colli Senesi); three qualities of extra-virgin olive oil (DOP Terre di Siena, DOP Chianti Classico and IGP Toscano); as well as the sausage products made from the Cinta senese pig, pecorino cheeses, Chianina beef (IGP), saffron, and the white truffles of the Crete Senesi (the clay hills of Siena). Last but certainly not least, there are our sweets, including Panforte, Panpepato, Cavallucci  and Ricciarelli (IGP).

So rich are the local culinary traditions and culture that we have designed a series of experiences to share our knowledge of them with you, allowing you to discover for yourself the tastes, smells, and colors of these amazing products.  Those with a passion for good food can begin the day with a breakfast offered in the spirit of the Slow Food Movement, whose slogan is “buono, pulito e giusto”(good, clean and fair). Our breakfast is made from local organic products (with the exceptions of coffee and oranges!), either our own or those of nearby organic farms. 

At Il Molinello, wine lovers will delight in Sandro's passion and expertise, shared through wine tasting evenings and wine tours, available either with or without a guide. They will also be thrilled by the ample selection in the wine cellar of our agriturismo as well as in the smaller, hand-selected collections on offer in each of the apartments. 

For those who love olive oil, we organize olive oil tasting evenings as well as visits to nearby olive presses (when they are open) guided by Sandro, who is a certified olive-oil taster with the ONAOO (national association of olive oil tasters). For truffle lovers, we are happy to organize truffle-hunting excursions in search of the pungent, precious tuber, guided by Alessandro, both within and outside of our own truffle reserve.

In partnership with Food.Stories.Travel. we offer tours on foot and by van to connect with local food producers, learn about and taste their crafts. Tours feature producers who care about the environment, support the local community, and believe in sustainable practices. Food.Stories.Travel. grew out of Cristiano Bonino's desire to combine twelve years of experience in travel and food with his passion for learning the stories of local foodmakers and supporting their works. Cristiano loves to design unique tours like delicious dishes: prepared with fresh, sustainable and very local ingredients!

For those seeking a local restaurant for the evening, Elisa and Sandro are always happy to recommend the best places for an authentic gastronomic experience, whether it be the “home-cooking” of a trattoria or the gourmet cuisine of a top restaurant. Also available is a notebook filled with descriptions, reviews and comments about local restaurants left by previous guests.

Similarly, we have prepared details for several food-and-wine itineraries, all carefully studied (and personally tested!), so that you may roam the area without fear of missing anything, including the lesser-known, harder-to-find treasures. 

*DOCG = Inspected and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin, DOP = Protected Designation of Origin, IGP = Protected Geographical Indication

WATCH THE VIDEO OF HOW WE MAKE A 0 KM FRITTATA(Thank you to Jenny Woodward for the video and Food.Stories.Travel. for helping us!)