Il Molinello - Agriturismo nelle Crete Senesi


In 1996 we moved to the Crete Senesi and we fell in love with the Molinello: Etruscan origins, medieval mill, peace and tranquillity. That’s why we decided to share it with our guests and their four-legged friends. The farm keeps the whole family busy: Alessandro (biologist, nature guide, olive oil taster and Sommelier), Elisa who looks after the administration, . And we hope that in the future even Emma, Guido and Bernardo will give us a helping hand.

Our 4-legged friends live together with us this adventure: Nerone, nicknamed the Mayor of Molinello, Princess Fichina and the small Regina

Our lifestyle

Firstly, Molinello was, and is today a life style for us, not only a business activity. We don't want to teach anything to anyone: we only report and state how our life style is, and we explain to our guests what they are going to find and what they are not going to find at il Molinello.

Setting and architecture

We have always loved the country in Siena: it has been created by the man during the centuries. It’s the real and the experienced country. We often see around us a sort of “country trend” made up of cypress avenues, and, to be honest, we are fed up with it.


Agriculture and food

We immediately and automatically chose biological food. We strongly believe in the philosophy of Slow Food and that food has to be good, clean and fair. For the products we don’t supply (beef, flours, cheese, cold cuts) we ask to some producers and friends of the near areas and we ensure that the product we sell isn’t an industrial product, as it often happens today. It has to be an agricultural product.


Energy and transport

We aim to be energy-independent and in 2001 we had the idea to use renewable energies: so we took part to the first national project for the establishment of photovoltaic installations and we realized two of them for power demand. Heating installations in apartments run with wood and in 2006 we bought a 12 ha wood. We personally manage it and we cut only the wood, that is necessary for heating. We also have thermo-solar panels for the production of warm water. We strongly believe in spare of energy, we use low consumption lamps and the outer lighting is used only if necessary. We use public transport every time it is possible. Sandro loves going by bike and his holidays never pollute. We also have cars but they are equipped with a methane system.



We have always been collecting items for recycling, when we began we were among the few people who did it. At the same time we strongly believe that it is more correct to talk about waste reduction instead of talking about collection of items for recycling. We do not accept the one-use philosophy (for instance plastic dishes, cutlery, glasses). All the food waste are used to feed our chickens or to produce compost.

Share with us our choices when you are on holiday!